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Initial adoption of AWS Cloud Services

Expand the reach of Websites and Applications to new markets with security and reliability

Our offering is designed for businesses that need a fast, scalable solution to launch their brands and services online.

With this objective, many companies initially select “fast” and “low-cost” website and application hosting solutions, and later, as their business operations grow, look for a robust technological platform that offers security, reliability, scalability and technical innovation, preparing the company to take advantage of advanced capabilities such as Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Additionally, some companies aim to reduce costs by transitioning from dynamic website architectures like WordPress to simplified static website architectures.

Our offer represents an entry point for a long-term AWS cloud adoption journey, where it will be possible to progressively introduce higher value-added workloads that will expand the solutions and differentiators that the company can offer to its customers.

In line with previous expectations, our consulting service focuses on implementing AWS services to support a static website architecture. The main components are:

  • Amazon S3: Secure, durable, and scalable storage for static website objects
  • Amazon CloudFront: Efficient content distribution
  • AWS WAF: Protection against common cyberattacks
  • AWS Certificate Manager (ACM): Domain ownership certification
Additionally, adhering to the Well-Architected Framework, our offering includes a foundational layer of monitoring and observability with:
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM): Access control policies
  • AWS CloudTrail: Activity recording in the client's AWS account
  • Amazon CloudWatch: Metrics collection and monitoring
  • AWS Key Management Service (KMS): Encryption for CloudTrail logs
  • AWS Budgets: Cloud cost monitoring and control
By following this structured approach, we ensure a seamless transition for our clients from basic website hosting to a comprehensive, scalable, and secure cloud environment.
Expanda o alcance de Sites e Aplicações para novos mercados com segurança e confiabilidade

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